Auto Body Shop – Know More About It

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An auto body shop is a business where the bodies of automobiles are repaired and maintained by mechanics and body specialists. Though many shops tend to offer similar services, many various specialties exist. Here, we will outline some of the more common terms and procedures one might find when entering one of these establishments.

Body Panel Alignment

This procedure ensures that all panels of the vehicle are of a consistent width apart, whether it’s the hood, the fenders, or the doors, nothing adds to detail on a car more than perfectly fitted panels.

Color Matching

In addition to the physical replacement and manipulation of the body itself, many shops offer paint services as well. Though rather self explanatory, color matching can be a complex task depending on the situation at hand. For this reason, it is imperative one seeks out a skilled and experienced painter to make that puppy shine.

Window Regulator Installation

Many times when work is needed, it is common to have need for a new window regulator. This task ensures that the windows of the vehicle continue open and shut when desired.


A two-part putty used in repair, Bondo is used to sculpt dented parts. This substance is typically applied to the problem area, sanded, primed, and then painted in order to correct the indentation.


A common tactic used to join metals or thermoplastics through coalescence, welding can be used via various energy sources including laser, gas flame, or friction. Welding is an essential skill for any auto mechanic.

Sanders are used to sand down the parts of the auto that have been repaired. Power sanders are used to sand larger areas, while manual sanders are used for small and hard-to-reach spots.

Dent Pullers

It is mainly used for smaller dings and dents. Some dent pullers work with a sliding bar and a stud welder. A tiny stud is welded in the middle of the dents. The sliding bar is then pulled sharply several times until the dent pops out. Other dent pullers use a strong suction cup that is stuck to the center of the dent and pulled sharply in order to pull it out.

For many people, a career in this field is a dream. In recent years, many schools around the globe have come to being which offer programs dedicated to the study of this trade. With new and exciting advancements constantly being introduced, it is doubtful the local auto body repair shop will ever cease to exist.